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Mise en place and check-ins

Welcome, Chef! To get started, simply paste your client’s requirements into the field below and click the ‘Generate’ button. This will create a sample menu that you can edit. If you already have dishes you know you’d like to include in this client’s plan, please enter their names in the ‘Specific Dishes’ field and click ‘Generate’. This will create a basic recipe which you can edit to ensure it conforms to your desired approach and your client’s needs. Once you are satisfied, click ‘Next’ to move to the following step.

Client's requirements
Please paste client's requirements here. Include both questions and client's answers to them.


Specific Dishes

Enter the names of the dishes here if you selected 'I already have menu in mind'. Then click 'Generate' button to get recipes ideas for these dishes.


Give it a moment,

the magic is happening.


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