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Kid-Friendly Nutrition that Parents Love

Our complete solution for your child's unique dietary needs


At Komi we understand how daunting it can be to try take care of your child's unique dietary needs. It doesn't matter how healthy food is if your child won't eat it!

Make the transition easy with access to pediatric dietitians, custom meal plans, and community.

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Komi supports your family's nutrition by providing access to personalized medical advice, and meal planning tailored to your family's specific needs and your child's tastes.

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Benefits of Komi Membership


Meet with a Komi pediatric dietitian who accepts insurance and is available on your schedule to develop a customized nutrition gameplan for your child


Receive bespoke order-of-operations meal plans that correspond with your dietitian's recommendations, designed for your family's budget, schedule, lifestyle, and your kid's specific preferences


Access the crowd wisdom of pediatric nutrition experts and fellow parents to answer questions and build community around your toughest issues

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I'm Ready to Bring the Joy Back to Meal Time!

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